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We're often on the road, but Indiana is where we started and will always be home. Contact us anytime with the form below or by calling (502)-791-5966 (LYON) and we'll respond as soon as possible.


"Lots of people are doing amazing things around the world - my dream is to connect them at a deep level. We have so much to learn from each other and can support each other in so many ways. Come with us on a trip and engage with the world in ways you never imagined possible." - Andrew

Andrew Lyon has taken hundreds of people to over thirty countries, building relationships, accountability, and funding for NGOs doing international relief work. He's raised millions of dollars toward development work and is especially interested in policies and best-practices to develop economies on both the micro and macro scale. 


"Whether I'm with friends in rural India or high-end clients in Manhattan, I'm most interested in connecting with people on a deep level and creating itineraries that foster that relationship." - Lys

Alysa Villelli has expertly learned to mix professional experience working with high fashion, international event planning, and marketing with a generations deep personal family involvement in social and economic development.



"I want to make sure that as we're visiting our friends and partners abroad, everyone always has enough resources to cover the time and energy it takes to host our groups." - Hannah

Hannah Maloney handles financial accounting for several businesses throughout the United States. Ensuring NGOs and tourism partners are always paid in a timely manner and never lose money on trips is her highest priority.


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