Andrew W. Lyon Travel elevates your travel experience: organizing group logistics, crafting unique experiences, and connecting you to the world.



Hire our full service event and travel office to organize your travel needs. We specialize in both international conferences for your program staff and international travel as a vehicle to engage with key donors.

faith groups

Travel with your community on a pilgrimage to experience the foundations of your faith or to visit your ministry partners doing good work overseas. We'll take care of all the logistics for these meaningful excursions.



Join one of our groups and explore the world. Because of our friendships with people across the globe, we're able to create unforgettable moments you'll be talking about for years to come.

Please note - We always have quite a lot of groups traveling around the world. Some groups are open to individuals joining the trip and some are closed to the public. See below our trips which are open to the public at the moment. If you have a destination you’d like to visit, please contact us and we may be able to connect you with a private trip to that destination.

Visit India with Mona Foundation


Join Mona Foundation and tour education initiatives across the subcontinent. Along the way you’ll meet new friends, learn about best practices in girl’s education across India, and of course, have a chance to see the Taj Mahal. 


Visit China Your Way with Project Partner


China is an expansive country with lots to see and do, so we're offering a few different trips this year. In Summer 2019, join Chinese high school students in a Youth Soccer Camp or teach children English in a week-long intensive. In Spring 2019, adventure with us to hike different places around the country, culminating in a hike along The Great Wall of China. Or in Autumn 2019, come along for a sightseeing tour of China's biggest attractions - including Hong Kong, Macau, the Terra-Cotta Warriors of Xi'an, and all the sites of Beijing.

However you choose to travel, our local friends and guides will make sure it's the trip of a lifetime.



Tour Israel on a Life-Changing Pilgrimage


No place in the world has quite so much historical prominence in the three major Western religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity as Israel. For being such a small country, the landscape is pretty varied, with big hills, stark deserts, lush green valleys, and calm rivers. Regardless of your religious persuasion, you'll find the pilgrimage to Israel becomes a deeply personal one, and as you ride camels, float in the Dead Sea, and walk the stones of so many pilgrims before, you'll find yourself forever changed.


Where Are You Going?


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