Andrew W Lyon Travel specializes in full logistics for groups of 8 or more people. If you have a smaller group, are a couple planning a special trip, or are even an individual heading out on an adventure - we offer travel consultations.

Travel Consultations

Planning your dream trip? We know it can be intimidating to look at all the airfares, hotels, sites... Set up a consultation call with Andrew and he'll personally help you plan and organize your trip of a lifetime to Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and more. 

We can look at what you'd like to do and talk through the best ways for you to do it - including hotels, number of days at each stop, travel tips, airfare tips, budgeting and more. Our standard fee is $50 for an hour consultation. Generally we can talk through most of your itinerary in about 30 minutes and include time for additional questions. 

Please note: We don't actually book hotels or airfares during this meeting - we give you recommendations and the tools you need to book your trip of a lifetime.

Submit a request at the form below and we'll set up an appointment. 

Before your appointment, we'll ask that you send over a list of questions and a rough idea of what you'd like to experience so we can be prepared with some information that matches what you need.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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