Non-Profit Support

If you're taking international trips often, you know the logistics always take far longer than expected. Hire us and outsource the work to experienced professionals who can handle the details, make sure you're getting the best deals, and provide support every minute of your journey.


We organize all the logistics for your travel, including purchasing air itineraries, obtaining visas, securing lodging, reserving ground transportation, and more. 


By bundling services and working with travel professionals, we're typically able to find cheaper rates or match your current budget for all passengers.



Donor Stewardship

Whether you work locally or internationally, travel should be part of your donor strategy. Travel natuarally lends itself to intensive relationship building, allowing for a deeper connection to your mission. We have several proven methods to customize donor acquisition, retention, and growth through travel.


We've helped raise millions of dollars with our non-profit partners to support their work through a variety of donor cultivation tools. We specialize in creating custom itineraries that build deep relationships between your donors and mission.

Top-tier Service

From the beginning stages of planning your trip to 24/7 support throughout, your staff and donors will experience a high level of personalized service every step of the way.